Unicist Business Cobots

Using Unicist AI and Binary Actions to Ensure Results

Intelligent Collaborative Business Robots

Unicist Cobots are collaborative business robots that sustain human activities. They significantly increase the efficiency and adaptability of processes. They are systems that foster growth and increase profitability.

Cobots are based on the use of functionalist principles, unicist AI and binary actions. The unicist AI is a fundamentals-based AI that allows managing the functionality of processes. This functionality is transformed into results using binary actions, which are two synchronized actions that aim at the same purpose.

Install Unicist Business Cobots

Unicist Cobot Building

The functionalist design of cobots begins with the conceptual design of the solution, continues with the backward integration process, and ends with the forward integration process.

Backward integration is based on the use of functionalist principles, unicist AI and unicist logical rules to manage the functionality. Forward integration is based on the automation of processes. 

Stage 1)
The Conceptual Design of Cobots includes:

1) Research of the Functionality of the Cobot that is being designed. This research might be substituted for the use of available functional knowledge.

2) Description of the Functional Solution. It includes the description of the functional synchronicity of the processes and objects included.

3) Definition of the Binary Actions. These actions drive the solution and include the use of objects and catalysts to ensure results.

4) Conceptual Design of the Solution. It includes the definition of the results that need to be achieved by the different structural components of the object or process.

Stage 2)
Backward Integration Processes

Cobots became possible due to the discovery and development of the functionalist principles, the unicist logic and the development of unicist AI that allow defining and implementing the binary actions that are needed to ensure results in businesses.

The unicist AI is a fundamentals-based AI that uses indicators, predictors and the rules established by the unicist logic. It allows developing the necessary automation of business processes that allows managing the adaptability of business functions. Unicist AI solves the subjective bias of data-based AI.

Stage 3)
Forward Integration Processes

The forward integration processes are integrated by:

1) The Automation Module that provides the integration of the different business functions included in the cobot.

2) The Communication and Quality Assurance Module that activates the roles and business objects included in the processes and monitors their functionality.

3) The Learning Module that defines when the operationality designed has been overcome by the functionality of the environment.

Unicist AI

Cobots need to be Tailor Made

The installation of cobots generates positive cashflow. The level of complexity of cobots varies according to their functionality. The simplest ones are the operational cobots, followed by the knowledge cobots and the efficiency cobots, and the most complex ones are the efficacy cobots.

The development of Cobots is based on the functional knowledge of the specific business, its environment and the work processes involved. This knowledge is synthesized in the ontogenetic maps of each of the functions and the operational and technical knowledge of the business and work processes.

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