Unicist Intelligent Systems

Using Unicist AI and Binary Actions to Ensure Results

Fundamentals driven Business Solutions

Intelligent systems and apps include the use of functionalist principles, unicist AI and binary actions. The unicist AI is a fundamentals-based AI that allows managing the functionality of processes. This functionality is transformed into results through the use of binary actions, which are two synchronized actions that aim at the same purpose.

Unicist Intelligent Systems

Functionalist design of business applications

The unicist intelligent applications for business functions are based on the knowledge of the functionalist principles of the business processes involved, which allow defining the binary actions that need to be managed to ensure results.
The development of intelligent applications is materialized using different platforms according to the needs of the solution. Now, we use Oracle APEX, SAP Business Application Studio, Integromat, Zoho Creator, and Outsystems to develop apps.

The Installation of Binary Actions

The functionalist design and the installation of business objects and binary actions to achieve the objectives of business processes are ensured by the destructive testing process of their functionality.

The Paradigm Shift of
the 4th Industrial Revolution

The paradigm shift is based on organizing by managing the functionality of businesses using business objects instead of managing the operationality based on processes and tasks, which was the case until the 3rd industrial revolution. It increases energy efficiency by up to 30% depending on the market and industry.

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