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  • Unicist Business Cobots to Enhance Efficiency by Complementing the Activity of People
    Unicist Cobots are collaborative business robots that support and enhance human activities in organizations. They are designed to manage the functionality of business processes and simplify operations. Unicist Cobots are based on the unicist functionalist principle, which focuses on understanding and managing the underlying functionality of processes. These Cobots are made possible by the development […]
  • How to Build Functionalist Solutions
    The Unicist Initial Solution Building Module is a part of the Unicist methodology developed by The Unicist Research Institute. It is a tool that is used to generate initial solutions to complex problems by understanding the underlying principles and rules that govern the behavior of a system, it is possible to develop solutions that are […]
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  • Press Release: The Discovery of the Unicist Conceptual Segmentation to Develop Marketing Actions
    The objective of the research developed at The Unicist Research Institute was to find the individual segmentation of people that are being addressed with a proposal. This applies at a personal, family, social, and business level. The final output was the development of profiles that can be used to develop social, economic, and business projects […]
  • Interest Group Building is the New Stage of Social Networks to Expand Markets
    The introduction of new products or services requires opening a space in the mind of potential buyers. The unicist approach to marketing includes the development of interest groups, based on unicist conceptual segmentation. This requires understanding the purpose, active function, and energy conservation functions of the buying arguments of the segments included. The post Interest […]
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  • Every action generates a reaction. This is avoided by using Unicist Binary Actions
    The research on the functionality of actions in social, economic, and business environments developed at The Unicist Research Institute, led to the discovery of the functionality of binary actions to generate results and avoid the reactions generated by actions. The post Every action generates a reaction. This is avoided by using Unicist Binary Actions appeared […]
  • The Unicist Functionalist Approach to Leadership in Adaptive Environments
    The unicist functionalist approach to leadership is defined by the integration of an authoritative role, responsible participation, and the minimization of the exertion of power by the leader. This approach emphasizes the importance of creating a balanced and effective leadership style that enables team members to assume responsibility, contribute their unique perspectives and ideas, and […]
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  • The Functionalist Principle: A Bridge between the East & the West
    The functionalist principle defines that there is nothing in the universe, which is part of a system, that does not work with a purpose, an active and entropic function, and an energy conservation function. Their interaction defines the functionality of the binary actions that produce results. The integration of the binary actions defined by Yin […]
  • Elections in France: The Future of the European Union
    The elections in France are a significant proof of the evolution of the European Union. The consolidation of the EU by the “Euro” requires the existence of the concept of European culture, that is still subject to acceptance. It implies the existence of a European archetype, which is still a matter of discussion. Understanding the […]
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