About Us

About Us

The Unicist Cognitive Systems Group provides Systems as a Service in the US Market using the unicist evolutionary approach and unicist technologies within the framework of the 4th Industrial Revolution. These Systems were developed at The Unicist Research Institute. It is an alliance between The Unicist Research Institute and TWG that is integrating partners and investors to develop a Newco that works as a leading cognitive system provider and applied research center.

The Vision

The Unicist Cognitive Systems Group fosters the introduction of growth, adaptiveness, productivity, quality, profitability and sustainability in business organizations through the integration of technologies.

The Mission

The mission of the Group is to provide cognitive systems, based on the use of the unicist evolutionary approach, and to develop educational programs to foster the expansion of all types of organizations.


The representative of The Unicist Research Institute in this alliance is: Peter Belohlavek.
The Representative of TWG in this alliance is: Wes Spears.

Unicist Cognitive Systems Group
10101 Southwest Freeway, Suite 500 Houston, TX 77074
Phone: +1 713-375-1010
Website: www.unicist-systems.com

Partners´ Network

The Unicist Cognitive Systems Group is part of the Unicist Confederation. It has its own partner network integrated by Partners and Associates that are led by a Partnering Committee integrated with Partners.

Partnering Committee

Main Markets (Generic)

Automobile • Food • Mass consumption • Financial • Insurance • Sports and social institutions • Information Technology (IT) • High-Tech • Knowledge Businesses • Communications • Perishable goods • Mass media • Direct sales • Industrial commodities • Agribusiness • Healthcare • Pharmaceutical • Oil and Gas • Chemical • Paints • Education • Services • Commerce and distribution • Mining • Timber • Apparel • Passenger transportation –land, sea and air • Tourism • Cargo transportation • Professional services • e-market • Entertainment and show-business • Advertising • Gastronomic • Hotel-management • Credit card • Real estate • Fishing • Publishing • Industrial Equipment • Construction and Engineering • Bike, motorbike, scooter and moped • Sporting goods